Papa Stour History & Community Group

Points Of Interest

Papa Stour is best visited on foot.

There is a circular walk which will get you most of the way around the island in a single day (approximately 8 hours), allowing you to see the best it has to offer. This is a long (17km) walk so make sure you come prepared!

If you would prefer to learn more about the history and heritage of the island then visiting the Papa Stour Kirk and Norse Stofa are a must. There are information boards available at both, and both can be found on Google Maps by clicking the underlined links in this paragraph.  You can also find out more about both of these landmarks on this website.

There are also some beautiful beaches on Papa Stour. Kirk Sand is just down the track from the Kirk and Hamna Voe is beyond the airstrip at the end of the road. Housa Voe is the bay near the ferry terminal, following the bay around brings you to a lovely beach near Northouse.