Papa Stour History & Community Group

Music Day

On Saturday 4th August 2018

the PSHCG held an event called Papa’s Music in the Papa Stour Kirk. The day was carefully planned in association with the ferry crew in order to transport about 70 guests to Papa Stour for the day. The date was picked when the relief ferry Fivla was operating,  as it has a larger passenger capacity than the normal ferry Snolda. There was no other choice for the date which unfortunately clashed with other events, notably the Voe Show. 

The ferry arrived at Papa Stour at 9:30 and guests were met coming off the ferry. Coffee and refreshments were provided in the ferry waiting room where everyone had a chance to meet and greet. From the waiting room the guests walked to the Kirk for a concert which started at 11:00, transport was provided for less abled visitors. 

The concert in the Kirk was opened by Andy Holt, chairman of the PSHCG who welcomed visitors and islanders. The North Ness Boys led the proceedings with a number of songs. A poignant highlight was their acapella rendition of ‘Rowin Foula Doon’ which is a song sung by Papa men of old whilst fishing from open boats. More contributions came from The St Magnus Church choir and others.

At lunchtime soup and sandwiches were provided in the Papa school

and the PSHCG is grateful to the Shetland Islands council for the use of the school building for the day. In the afternoon a music session took place in the school which included the Shetland Mandolin band and a group of young performers called Offbeat. After the music session a BBQ was held in the school grounds. 

A great day was enjoyed by all but sadly the time came for our guests to depart on the ferry at 18:45.

Some stayed for a ‘jam session’ in the evening in one of the houses. On the Sunday morning a service was held in  the Papa Kirk led by Aubrey Jamieson who is the Shetland representative of the the Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen. 

Donations were collected on the day towards the Kirk development project and a total of £1295 was raised.

Thank you to all who attended and to all who donated and we look forward to repeating a Papa Music day when Covid allows. 

The North Ness Boys performing at the Music Day in 2018

St Magnus Church Choir performing Balm of Gilead at the Music Day in 2018