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There is a wide variety of wild flowers and lichens

on both the open scattald and the cultivated area of the township. On the heath the plants are exposed to salt-laden winds and so creep close to the earth and are miniaturised. They include Ling, Thyme, Mountain Everlasting, Spring Squill, Sea Plantain and many others. The late David Spence, botanist and author, found over 60 different plants on an afternoons walk including a Willow ‘tree’ only one and half inches high. In contrast the crofting or ‘inbye’ land is sprinkled with red and white Clover, Sorrel, Eyebright and wild orchids. Along the cliffs can be found Pinks, Campion and Birdsfoot Trefoil. 

Text used with the kind permission of Jane Puckey 

All pictures credited to David Malcolm. Find his book “A Photographic Guide to Shetland’s Wild Flowers” here